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  • KN95 MASK

    2-3 DAY SHIPPING!!!!!

    KN95 Filter Mask with 4 layer Dust Mask FFP2 Face Mask Anti-Fog Haze Dust proof.

    The KN95 filter mask is suitable for protection for 2020. Masks are currently in short supply, so we recommend that you prepare now. We ship the next day after receiving the order. 2-3 DAY SHIPPING!!!!

    Hypoallergenic filter mask, mouth protection will protect your family from dangerous diseases. It's a skin protecting mouth guard that prevents the penetration of dangerous germs. It is made of glass fiber and 100% latex free.

    It has a comfortable fit, a high level of comfort and stretchy elastic bands to ensure that the mouthguard can be attached quickly and easily. It is made of water repellent material and still offers high air permeability, but still filters up to 99% of germs.

    Universal use for on the go, at home , in the hospital, dental laboratory, cosmetics industry and much more.

    Color : White
    Packaging specifications: 10 pcs
    Filtration efficiency: non-oily Particulate matter
    Filtration rate > or equal to 95%

    Certificate: CE

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