We all know make up blogger Amrezy, sometimes we love her and sometimes we don"t. Still, she is the hottest Instagram fashionista out there (i am yet to find another).

Today's fashion face-off is not for fashion novices. When the two hottest Instagram fashion bloggers with the biggest personalities, are spotted in the same outfit head-to-toe, then you know its a serious battle.  Makeup blogger Amrezy from Los Angeles and Micah Gianneli from Westfield Australia, these fierce fashionista's are two of the hottest ladies on social media (sure you knew that already) and the subject of my WHO ROCKED IT BETTER today. So people, without wasting any further time, join me in dissolving this fashion feud, i certainly cant do this alone. Come come!

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Out outfit in question is the Fashion Miami Styles lace-up Jumpsuit. If you are active on social media then you should know how Hot "Fashion Miami Styles" are lol. Every one is either wearing them, from celebrities to Instagram hotties or steady talking about FashionMiamiStyles.com. So its no surprise these two hotties are strutting and lighting up the gram in their side lace-up jumpsuit. Lace up Jumpsuit by Fashion Miami Styles ALWAYS in stock in two colors.

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We all know Amrezy, sometimes we love her and sometimes we dont. Still, she is the hottest Instagram fashionista out there (i am yet to find another). Amrezy doesn't ever look bad, she was born for the gram and clearly for the life of a fashionista. Everything she wears is a hit, back to back!!! Everybody try to copy Amrezy because she is the most popular Make up blogger on Instagram.

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She was first to spot the nude shimmery Fashion Miami Styles lace-up jumpsuit. She struck a more than sultry pose for the gram looking all dolled-up and perfect in her FashionMiamiStyles jumpsuit, pairing it with some nude pointed Christian Louboutin heels, you can get her pigalles right here

Its so hard to believe Amrezy is not a doll most times really, not even a sweat broken. phewww! She accessorized with some gold bangles to match her nicely done gold manicure. Nice right? Now unto the next...

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Micah Gianneli is the hottest aussie i know and i'm a huge fan of her style. She is a serial fashionista with an attitude next to nothing. Her poses, her struts... have you seen her on the gram?! Instagram is her runway and her red carpet, she is always ready to slay. 

he Australian beauty also posed in her FashionMiamiStyles jumpsuit looking hot as expected. And just like Amrezy, she paired her jumpsuit with some nude Louboutin heels. Okay its one thing to be spotted in the same FashionMiamiStyles Jumpsuit, but its a whole other thing to pair the jumpsuit with the same shoes lol. Who's copying who? Or maybe they are just great fashion minds and they think alike. 

sexy lace jumpsuit

Micah paired her FashionMiamiStyles jumpsuit with a gold belt, that's the only difference in both looks. Just like Amrezy, Micah doesn't really go over-board with accessories. She always has on her multiple earrings and her nose ring on and that's about it. I'm so in love with her hair, the cut, the color...everything about her is a win for me. 

By now, you all know how i feel about this ladies and their individual styles. I love them both :( Still, we are here to dissolve this feud so Who rocked FashionMiamiStyles jumpsuit better Amrezy or Micah? Keep reading for my thoughts. 

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This is me right now, with my resting confused face lol. How does one pick between these two ladies, its like picking between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian lol (they are not as hot or talented still). They are two serious fashionista's and i'm sorry they both look good and like mirror images of the other in this Fashion Miami Styles Jumpsuit. From their hair do's to their make up which is way past on fleek, their jumpsuits and their heels... I vote they both killed it in this jumpsuit. 
What do you think, do you agree with me or do you have contrary thoughts? I'd really really love to hear them now. In the main time...
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