Silver is pretty much a neutral in my eye, so how to accessorize a silver dress with the right color shoes can be easily done right. What Color Shoes matches with Silver Dresses let’s explore. 

For the purposes of this post, I’m spelling out what I believe are the best colour shoes to wear with silver dresses  or metallic outfits. 

So essentially, silver both light & dark. I just love me a good silver dress, whether laminate materials or a silver sequins & knowing how to compliment it is key.

If you’re also wondering what type of shoe to wear with a silver outfit, I can quickly answer that: a sleek & classic style such as a high heeled pump, pointed toe flat & peep toe sandal. 

However, even strappy versions of a classic shoe can go really well with silver, as you will see in the images below. I hope you find this post helpful in choosing the perfect shoes to go with silver dress or outfit!

Black shoes with a silver dress? Well, before you say anything, black isn’t “basic”. It’s a classic that stuns with most colour dresses, but offers a particularly stark & very glam contrast to a silver dress.

With a matte black shoe if your dress is very shiny or has lots of sequins, opting for the likes of velvet, suedes or matte. In the winter, a silver dress with black tights & shoes can look amazing! 

Silver dress with Silver Shoes?  

You’d think that styling a silver dress with silver shoes would be too much, but it’s a surprisingly good pairing. Whether you choose to match your metallic shade to that of your shoes or go for a contrast is up to you. My rule of thumb is the fancier the event, the more you can get away with matching your shoes to your dress. 

Silver Dress with GOLD Shoes?

I’m actually on the fence with this color shoe with a silver dress. Yes, it’s a neutral, but so is silver so that’s why I’m hesitant. But in the end, it really depends on how well the “nude” matches your skin tone (the closer to it, the better!).

Flesh tone shoes (whatever your “flesh tone” may be) are one of the most tame shoe color choices to pair with silver, especially if you’re already feeling flashy in silver & want to play it down. And they will make your legs look longer, so it’s definitely an option worth the mention!