Top swimwear trends of 2018
What do you think... How do we know these are the top swimwear trends for Spring-Summer 2018? Well we attend the big trade shows in Miami Swimweek 2017, also we speak with the world’s top swimwear designers and we attend trend seminars by the world’s best forecasting firms.
We bring the top trends in our Online store and then, and this is the important part, we see what works on our customers.
So this isn’t a report on what is trending on some photoshopped “it” girl, it’s about what trends are working for real women like you.
Here are the top swimwear trends for Summer 2018 and how you can use them to look your best at the beach this summer.


One piece swimsuit are all year’s must have item. Designers from across the board have turned their attention to creating stunning and stylish one piece swimsuits. 

When choosing a one piece make sure that the torso length is long enough for you, otherwise the best design in the world won’t look good on you.

This is a trend we first started seeing last year. Cut aways that expose skin or are covered in mesh or crochet are everywhere. You can see this particularly with one pieces. These cut aways can help balance your proportion, create the illusion of a waist or pull the attention away from your thighs.


The trend for bohemian ethnic prints and fabrics is still very strong this year. You will see them less as overall prints and more as placement prints with printed panels. These panels can help pull in the waist and balance your proportions.


This was going to be the year of “athleisure”. Brands were showing tons of swimsuits that were very sporty in the look. Our paddle boarders appreciated these styles, but most of our customers want suits that have a bit more fashion to them.
The good news with this trend is that many suits have kept their elegance but added the more secure backs borrowed from sporty styles. So now you can be elegant without worrying about falling out of your suit!


These colours aren’t for everyone, but dusty pastels and muted darks are the hottest colours this year. Think millennial pink or mauve. Beautiful, yes, but hard to wear if you are too pale. Their darker companions, muted olive or grey, are easier to wear for most skin types.
We expect to see these lighter shapes mixed in prints with more wearable colours next year.