Hey Dolls, Let’s be honest. Finding a swimsuit bikini or Monokini that ticks all the boxes is next to impossible. The bar of expectation is set very high when it comes to exposing our bodies to the world. Whether you have your dream body or it’s a work in progress, women of all different shapes and sizes can appreciate the physically and emotionally torturous journey that is buying a swimsuit. But, don't forget thet best Swimwear Made in Miami.

You probably find yourself asking “Why?” Through our experience with all types of women,the single biggest mistake we are making is buying a size of a swimsuit that we want to be, instead of what we are.

Now don’t get me wrong, inspiration is motivation, but I’m sorry to tell you ladies that it’s also contributing to your hatred of a wardrobe staple.

The good news is that this is probably the most pain free solution to your problems! Here are our tips to feeling your best in next to nothing!

Always try the next size up
Pick what you love most about your body and enhance that! If you have killer cleavage, work it!
The power of a one piece is undeniable. It’s timeless and is less exposed. Don’t feel like you have to wear any particular shape