What better way to get through a white winter than by dreaming about and shopping for the latest Miami Designer spring/ summer 2017 Miami swimwear trends? What could possibly make us happier than booking those warm weather vacations and putting together the perfect wardrobes for the coming year’s holidays down South Beach? But in order to shop at FashionMiamiStyles.com, we need to know the summer 2017 swimsuit trends and that is where this report comes in.

Top summer 2017 swimwear trends that appeared on the Miami Swim Week among others and pick out which pieces are the best fit for you! Shop at www.FashionMiamiStyles.com.

#1:Tasseled Swimsuits

If you like having additional style on your summer 2017 Miami swimwear, wearing the garments not just to swim in but to enjoy walking about as well, then you might want to consider adding in some tassels and a whole lot of South Beach party fun. These are great for a beach party, day or night, particularly the off-the-shoulder black flirty Hammock piece that comes with a little skirt attached to the mid-cut bottoms, totally bringing out the Latina in all of us.

#2: Total Crop Top

You can be thin or toned, with added weight or fully endowed, it matters not. The crop top fashion has been sweeping the runways for a few seasons now and we love seeing the swimwear match the spring/ summer 2017 Miami fashion trends as well.

For the spring/ summer months of 2017, you can enjoy crop tops with sheer paneling as seen at Chromat, or those with strategic cutouts that complement the body perfectly, the high-neck bikini trend really doing wonders at FashionMiamiStyles. Some designs FashionMiamiStyles are meant to combine bikini with single pieces and that is where Indah Clothing’s gorgeous designs come in with incredible coloring.

#3: Sheer Mesh Hot Bathing suit

High cuts on the legs do wonders for this particular summer 2017 Miami swimwear trend, where there are sheer cutouts added to the swimsuit that can range from near transparent to near opaque. Bold colors and graphic shapes are the standout factors here, with the one-piece creations really taking on a sexier turn.

Black and sheer certainly does give us a great image around the waist, while For Love & Lemons proves easily that black and peach blush combinations can have an intensely attractive outcome.

#: Held in Halter Top

One great Fashion Miami style we have noticed among the spring/ summer 2017 Miami swimwear trends has been the use of halter tops throughout, for everything from bikinis to one-pieces that dominate the runways. Triangle tops are a thing of the past in 2017, as the more conservative halters bring the sexy back but in a whole new manner.

Sheer inserts and crochet cutouts are one way in which the halter has been made more risqué for the season at this point, while the trend itself looks astounding when paired with a tiny triangle bikini as seen as Fashion Miami Styles Swim. As for the sheer additions.

#5: Swimwear with Laced Siding Lace up Monokini

Straps are huge these days! Showing skin but just enough while making the blood boil and the imagination run wild seems to be totally in on the psychological Miami summer 2017 swimwear trends aspect, so the one-piece swimwear with the side lacing makes perfect sense, among other trends on this list.

We see the look come in multiple styles from halters to spaghetti straps, push-ups and deep V necklines, with bows over the thighs or the lacing appearing more as cutouts, the latter seen at Fashion Miami Styles Bikinis.

You can go for mesh looks and more innocent designs as well, but since spring 2017 is focusing on the sexy for swimwear, we totally recommend the combinations of color, cut, lacing, and overall fit.

#6: Swimwear with Cut Out the Sides

A look that we have enjoyed on the runways for the spring of 2017 has generally included cutouts and that generally to the sides. The summer 2017 Miami swimwear trends also see this particular look, accenting the waist and the toned figure, appearing on one-piece suits that also incorporate some of the other trends discussed here.

Fashion Miami Styles Miami Swimwear rather likes the sheer and swirl combinations, while  nature prints, halters and matching shoes and accessories as well. This trend has a touch of sexy without allowing it to overpower the swimwear, definitely something we can get used to.

#8: One-Shoulder Wraps

Asymmetric cuts are not limited to dresses for the Miami  spring/ summer 2017 trends it seems, with swimwear certainly taking on the look for itself as well, from appearing on Fashion Miami Styles  bikinis to having onside fall to the waist and worn with matching bandeaus at Fashion Miami Styles Swimwear.

#9:  Hot Animal Prints Bathing suits

Okay. We get it. We love animals and particularly big cat prints. And we love Miami swimwear. So what happens when you mix the two loves together? Long sleeves, zips that show off the breasts underneath in Pamela Anderson style and white leopard prints, that’s what.

We find tasseled string bikinis in yellow cheetah prints and even some gorgeous tigers among the mix. It is not as big a trend as expected, but it certainly appears often enough to warrant its own category, no matter that it is focused on the big cats for the most part this spring and summer.

#10: Sexy Nude in Color

If you love showing skin but being modest at the same time, this is probably the closest you are going to be to looking naked over your trip to the sea. You are showing off just enough but still cover up the essentials, enjoying the neutrality of nude and the extra stares you’ll be getting while strutting your beach body about the sands.

Go for string Miami bikinis or deep V-necklines, push up styles to the bras or very simple high on the hip-cut one-piece designs!

#11: Creative Fashionista Cover Up

Sarongs used to do the trick or simple robes pulled over your Miami swimwear. Now, designers have given us a more modern, more intriguing option to look into, with cover-ups that range in designs and style, in cuts and transparencies, and give us all types of different layers. These include sheer pants alongside open weave tops and long-sleeve wraps among others.

Even little bolero jackets come into play with sheer long sleeves that almost look like they are part of the swimsuit itself. We have to give it to Indah though as we get boho chic in lacy halter dresses that draw out the beauty of the summer 2017 Miami swimwear underneath.

#12: The Perfect Body con One-Piece Swimsuit

The spring/ summer 2017 Miami swimwear trends generally seemed to revolve around one major trend: the one-piece Monokini Bathing suit. Whether high cuts on the hips, low plunges at the neck, and cut-outs to the sides, lacings all over, halter tops or spaghetti straps were presented on the Miami runway, it almost always included a one-piece suit, even if there was a cover over it.

It had so many forms but it was still there in a major way, meaning that the one-piece swimsuit is here to stay for quite some time still. There is good reason too, because of their sleek nature and ability to hide imperfections that might otherwise leave the wearer self-conscious. No matter who the designer, this look was simply huge!