At Fashion Miami Styles, we are curators of a lifestyle that encourages women to channel their sexy inner goddess with a bold and edgy glamour. We are strong advocates of wearing clothing items that truly ravish a woman’s curves, allowing her to feel sexy, confident and regally glamorous, like a queen. 

We believe that all women are queens in their own right, and a queen deserves to channel her inner sensuality sans restraints. Our carefully and lovingly curated collections of drop dead sexy dresses, jumpsuits, pantsuits, and glamorous long dresses offer the perfect statements to flaunt your curves with an enigmatic sexiness that commands attention! 

It gives us immense pride to be the number one choice for ladies who seek to transform their look and flaunt a statement that is form-flattering, and works wonders at highlighting their curves. We strongly believe that fashion is the ultimate weapon to ignite one’s confidence, and our dresses, swimsuits and sexy jumpsuits are designed to flatter your mind, curves and aura. 


Sexy Jumpsuits 

Flaunt your curves with the powerful surge of sensuality offered by our alluring collection of sexy jumpsuits, pantsuits, and belted bodysuits. Embellished with a charming variety of accents, ornaments and designed with fine fabrics, these jumpsuits and bodysuits allow women to channel their body sensuality with the symmetrical charm of beautifully tailored and structured designs. 

We offer an exciting collection that allows women to flatter their curves with a variety of audaciously bold cuts and designs that play a scintillating peekaboo with their skin. If you’d like to explore an endless variety of jaw-dropping statements to channel your curves with unrestrained glamour, come, take a peek at our collection. 


Elegant Long Dresses

From thigh-high slits, and captivating maxi dresses, to audaciously bold double-slit gowns, our collection of elegant long dresses borders towards insanely glamorous and daringly sexy. Needless to say, our collection of dresses encourages all women to be daring risk takers when it comes to flaunting their curves.

We understand that many women hold back from flaunting trends that tend to make them feel conscious about their beauty and curves. Not anymore! Our form-flattering designs and bold dresses are designed to inculcate a powerful surge of confidence that will make you want to fall in love with yourself. 


If you want to experiment with a newfound sensuality and transform your look at the next party marked on your social calendar, our collections will allow you to explore an endless variety of exciting statements.