At Miami Beach Vacayion We think you should rock whichever bikini or swimsuit you like best, but if you're looking for some advice on how to balance out your figure, read on for our top tips and products recommended especially for bodies just like yours!

Here's how to pick swimwear that will flatter an inverted triangle shape:

  • Choose a halter neck - swapping shoulder straps for one that goes around your neck will draw attention to the centre of your body. If you've got wide shoulders or a wide bust, this makes your top half seem narrower so that it's more in balance with the rest of your shape.
  • Or go asymmetrical - don't like halter necks? Or looking for something a bit more dramatic and eye catching? Try a one-shouldered look, which also works to balance out broad shoulders by emphasising just the one.
  • Keep your top half simple - unless it's an asymmetrical shoulder detail that is. Avoid styles that draw attention to both shoulders, such as swimwear with caplet sleeves, wide straps, boat necklines or off-shoulder necklines. If you have a large bust, steer clear of ruffled or fringed bikini tops that create the impression of even more volume.
  • Add width to your hips - balance out a wider top-half with booty-enhancing bottoms. Frills and thick tie-sides are perfect for this. Bikini bottoms with a ruched seam at the centre-back also create the illusion of a curvier derrière when seen from behind.
  • Wear a sarong - another way to add volume to your lower half is with that classic beach favourite, the sarong! Pair a sleek bikini top or swimsuit with a cover-up that's tied at the side. If your style is more casual and sporty, a pair of shorts works too.
  • Mix-and-match - we all know that dark colours are more slimming, and block colours are too. So you can subtly balance out an inverted triangle figure with a carefully-chosen mis-matched bikini. Look for a top that's dark and/or plain, with bottoms in a lighter colour or a bold print.