Miami isn’t just a place; it’s a lifestyle, and there’s nowhere else in the world that is quite like it. Everywhere you look, you see mind blowing fashions splashing in the waves, strutting down the boardwalk and dropping it down low at the bars. Miami fashion is vibrant, stylish and completely unique. So, whether you’re heading to South Beach to escape the cold brewing up north or are lucky enough to call Miami your home, you have to know how to dress the best when in the greatest place in the world.

Here is everything you need to know, from frolicking on the sandy shorts in some flawless Miami swimwear, strutting your sass at the bars in a bandage dress, and everything in between. We’ve got what you need right here, right now – Miami style.



Think Outside of the Triangle Bikini Tops

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The beautiful women in Miami can usually be broken down into two categories – the ladies who wear typical bathing suits that come from some generic store, and the kind of ladies who totally tear up the sandy shores by wearing unique Miami swimwear.

You can spot a mass-produced swimsuit a mile away; it sticks out like a sore thumb, especially in Miami. So make your mark and statement on the sandy shores of South Beach in the kind of swimwear you never knew existed. That’s what Miami swimwear is all about. If it looks like it came from a runway, it’s perfect for Miami. 

Think unique cut-outs, designs, monokinis, fabrics, cuts, colors - you name it. If it's different, it's worthy of an appearance on Miami beach.


Turn Your Swimwear Into an Ensemble

Miami swimwear, swimsuit, bikini, monokini, cover up, Miami celebrity dress, Miami curves jumpsuit, bandage dress

Turn your swimwear into a sandy shore statement! Anyone who frequents South Beach knows that your look simply isn’t complete without a cover up and some accessories. Since you spend the majority of your days at the beach when in Miami, your swimwear should take up the majority of your closet space. One bikini will never do, and a lack of accessories and beach cover ups is a mega Miami fashion faux pas.

So, don’t just throw on your latest Miami swimwear purchase. Own it; rock it; accessorize it and style it. Your new bikini is your outfit for the day, and it needs to be treated with a little bit of TLC. Throw on your chic shades, brimmed sun hat and high-slit skirts, and make that sandy shore your fashion show. 


Treat the Bar like a Red Carpet

Miami swimwear, swimsuit, bikini, monokini, cover up, Miami celebrity dress, Miami curves jumpsuit, bandage dress

The nightlife in Miami is absolutely unreal. With all the stunning fashions surrounding you at any given time, you’ll quickly feel like the city sidewalks are actually red carpets. The ladies in Miami don’t just wear dresses, they devour them, and they don’t just wear basic jeans and a tee.

The secret to dressing in Miami is to always look like the best, upgraded version of yourself. In other words, never be a basic bitch because you deserve so much more than that. So, stop shopping at basic stores and being generic. You’re walking the red carpets (sidewalks) of Miami, girl! As a rule of thumb, if your outfit looks like a Miami celebrity dress or something you’d see on the massive billboards of NYC, you’re ready for the night to begin.



Dressing in Miami style is all about being the 5-star version of yourself. It’s about wearing fashion that makes a statement, and that sets you apart from the rest of your crew. Not only will you look stunning when you shop the collection at Fashion Miami Styles, but your mood quickly follows suit. It’s wild what a great wardrobe can do for your mood, self esteem and confidence. So shop away, ladies.


When in Miami, be like Miami.