You’ve found at the perfect bandage dress. Of course you thinking how do you keep it at its best? At Fashion Miami Styles boutique we want to help you make the most out of your bandage dresses. Olga Vento created this short guide to caring for your bandage dress.


Dry cleaning – If you don’t want to risk washing your dress at home then dry cleaning is for you. This method takes the cleaning out of your hands although it can be pricey.
Washing Machine – Machine washing can be risky. However, if you want to give it a go then just choose the coolest and gentlest cycle. PLEASE NEVER wring the dress out or squeeze it! Just gently push the excess water out.
Quick Clean – If you just have a little stain then dampen the area with cold water and gently rub in a little soap. Rinse off and pat dry.


That’s the washing taken care of now we will discuss drying. Drying the dress is simple. All you have to do is place the dress flat on a clothes rack or on a towel. Leave it to dry and just give it a turn occasionally. NEVER hang the dress on a hanger while drying! This will put the dress out of shape and effect the elasticity.


You should iron the dress while it is still damp. Keep your iron on a low heat and iron the dress inside out so you don’t get iron marks. If you need to iron the dress dry then simply put a damp cloth in-between the dress and the iron.


Now you dress is clean and ironed, how should you store it? For dresses with sleeves and straps hang the dress up on a hanger. Avoid wire hangers. If you can’t hang the dress due to a sleeveless style or space in the closet then try and lay it flat in a draw. If you must, fold the dress, but don’t fold it too much. Otherwise you will get creases and your ironing will have gone to waste! So, keep it hung or stored flat with plenty of space.

All these tips will prolong the life of your dress, keeping you looking stylish for longer!

Best Regards, Olga Vento