Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like us, a swimsuit is going to be a weekly wardrobe necessity. Make sure you get the most out of your favorite swimwear looks with this list of tips and tricks we put together to make sure your suit stays in the best possible shape all summer long!

Basic Care

Over exposing swimwear to the sunlight will cause your suit to fade. High amounts of chlorine can also be damaging to your swimwear. Hotels, public pools and spas carry a much higher percentage of chlorine. Be mindful of rinsing off your suits after you take a dip! Also, try to alternate your swimsuits. A swimsuit typically takes 24 hours after washing to return to its original shape. Next, be careful when applying sunscreen as generous amounts of sunscreen can stain swimwear. If it does stain, sprinkle suit with baking soda or dip stain in one part white vinegar and three parts warm water to remove. Lastly, avoid sitting or lying on rough surfaces as pilling may occur. Always use a towel underneath!


Make sure you do not put your bathing suit in washing machine. Instead, fill a sink with cold water and rinse suits separately after each use. 


Don’t wring your suit or put it in the dryer. Lay it flat to dry. Make sure you do not dry clean or bleach to prevent discoloration. Fashion Miami Styles provide and fabric the high quality swimwear, bikinis, monokinis, bathing suit but please always care about your product.