In this occasion I want to talk about an accessory that has taken over the years, this has passed from my mother from my mother to me and most likely my daughters also get to wear, I'm talking about pantyhose.
The stockings have always gone from generation to generation and over the years they have reinvented themselves in shapes and styles. Back then it was an accessory for older women however today it is a must in the dress of young girls who are the first to reinvent the way of wearing them.
The stockings are one of the most versatile accessories in the fashion industry, because according to one color its shape and style can be used to add a touch of sophistication to a classic look, or to add some fun a casual look.
If you like to take a risky look and be the center of attention wherever you go the red stockings can be the perfect ally to achieve it and Fashion Miami Style has a version that you will love the KIM STYLE.
They are usually combined with broken jeans and a top crop to achieve a very sensual look for a casual night out.
Now I leave you some suggestions that Fashion Miami Style has for you.