Hot Model Amber Rose caused sexy news, when she appeared on Instagram wearing nothing but a black, micro G string bikini. Amber’s name became a trending worldwide and photos netted hundreds of thousands of likes across social media. But there’s more to the microkini than Amber Rose wore– and by “more,” we don’t mean fabric. Amber’s famous micro bikini is actually just one cut in a much larger category of women’s swimwear that in popularity around the globe: extreme micro swimsuits.


What are extreme micro swimsuits and where did they come from?
Amber Rose may have brought extreme micro bikinis to the this season, but the sexy style of swimwear has been around for many years now. These hot bathing suits differ from regular bikinis in that they leave much less to the imagination. This type of risqué swimwear is marked by a tiny top and micro thong or G string bottoms. But you don’t typically see such sexy styles of swimwear along the boardwalk, micro bikinis are popular at private pools, party, romantic couple’s resorts and naked beaches.



Other skimpy bikini styles
The cut famously worn by Amber on Instagram was a one-piece microkini, there are many other of micro swimsuits. For example, extreme bikinis or micro bikinis are similar popular styles. Of course, all tiny bikinis are equally provocative, but whatever style you decide to flaunt depends on your own personal thinking.

Custom micro swimwear
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